The best Chase credit cards of 2019

Credit card points and frequent flyer miles can be very useful no matter what kind of reward you get or eventually what reward you get. There are several types of credit card rewards, but as long as you have monthly financial disciplinary and full payment of statements, you can collect rebates for your daily expenses and benefit no matter what kind of card you get.

In addition to rewards, many credit cards come with privileges, benefits, and free services that are very useful and valuable. Think about airport access, roadside assistance, free primary car insurance, purchase protection, and more.

Why consider a chase card

In the past few years, Chase has become a powerhouse in credit card rewards and benefits and has expanded the Ultimate Rewards program with favorable Chase Sapphire Preferred Cards, then launched Premium Sapphire Reserve with a massive introductory signup bonus in 2016. Of 100,000 reward points.

The bonus has fallen since then, but the card remains a strength of value, and the Ultimate Rewards program is incredibly competitive with a variety of ways to use points and a variety of cards that offer a variety of benefits.

If you are looking for a new chase card to increase your Ultimate Rewards points, or if you want to access new benefits or privileges, we recommend opening a new chase card. Opening a new card for a signup bonus or benefit may affect your credit.

Take a look below for a selection of the best chase cards, including the full winner Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Unless otherwise stated in the card description, we focus on the benefits, perks and rewards that this card can be a great option. It's not like interest rates and late fees, but it can far exceed the value of rewards. .

When trying to get credit card rewards, it's important to have financial training, such as fully paying your monthly balance, paying it on time, not spending more than you can repay, or not more. Otherwise basically except for some rare exceptions Treat your credit card like a debit card.

The best recommendations for the best chase cards of 2019 are:

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