Bathing helps make you clean every time you take one. It allows complete cleaning and no dust is left on your body. This improves health as germs are less likely to attack you.

However, studies from Japan left the world surprised when it indicated that taking a hot bath may even prove to be effective in reducing heart diseases. If you are in some stress or your chest is feeling tight, this might be very beneficial for you.

The research is in initial stages and only data was collected with not much evidence available. For conducting it, data of 30,000 people was collected for 20 years span. Their bathing habits along with their medical health was examined over this time. During the study, 2097 cases of heart diseases were reported that caused 275 heart attacks. A total of 1769 strokes were reported along with 275 heart attacks. However, when the results were compared, there was a breakthrough in it. People that took warm baths have a 28% reduced risk of heart diseases and 26% low stroke risk. On the other hand, the results of people who take a hot water bath were even encouraging. Heart disease rate was 35% lower in them.

The research was then published in the journal Heart where researchers claimed to have found that taking a warm bath had an inverse relationship on the risks of hypertension.


TAKING HOT BATH DECREASES HEART DISEASES. The next that must be answered was that if there is this much strong relation between hot bath and heart diseases, then there must be any solid reason for it. To answer it, researchers claimed that the heat of the water reduced the blood pressure and at the same time increased the heart rate. A function called hemodynamic is improved. You can understand it as the effectiveness of the heart to pump blood around the body.

Dr. Russell from the Jewish Hospital further added about its comparative effects from aerobic activities. While there is no visible connection between both, he claims that there are some. If a person is doing daily 30 mins aerobic activities and another person is taking hot water bath 5 days a week, and both feel the same results on increasing the heart rate and lowering the BP; then, according to him, it is proved that both have similar results.


Dr. Vester admitted that no cardiologist in his knowledge prescribes taking a hot water bath as a cure for his patients. Despite that this information is not new and Finnish people are practicing it for many decades, still, no doctor uses it as a treatment. There are specific saunas in Finland, and they must think the same. However, he claimed that taking hot baths is a culture in Japan and it should be Japanese who will guide the world about all the positive effects of the hot water bath.

Talking about the importance of a hot water bath, Vester was also honest in explaining its bad side too. He said that taking a hot water bath is very good at preventing any heart diseases that were already proved in the above study. However, if someone is already a heart patient, he must avoid doing it without consulting his doctor. Already having heart problems may expose you to other harms related to increased heart rate. But he was optimistic in believing that bathing is a natural thing and despite any minor harm, it is beneficial for human health in a lot of ways. Calming, relaxing, shedding the germs, all are its plus points.


Dr. Elizabeth of Wisconsin was asked about whether advising the people for taking a hot water bath for relieving stress is a good option or not. Her reply was quite encouraging as she pointed out that this was the same remedy, she always suggested to her family members and it has a very positive impact. Taking these baths reduces your stress levels and she claims that it will lead to improved heart health. She urged everyone to take it as a good remedy along with other lifestyle changes.

To add weight to what already said, she pointed out that there is no harm in taking these baths. We already take a bath to get clean, so if you have a bathtub in your home and have access to warm water, applying this remedy is almost free for you. You don’t need any appointed, just bath and relax.

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