Saudi Backlash Against First Comic

Saudi backlash against first Comic Con festival

RYADH (RYADH): The Saudi kingdom fought “sin” and “evil” last Friday with online opposition to the kingdom’s first Comic-Con pop culture festival. This comment reflects the challenges that authorities faced in gradually introducing entertainment into the Islamic kingdom. Tamim dancing with Muslim women and hosting music is not entertainment. This is an invitation to prostitution and sin.

On Thursdays and Fridays, it was one of many comments under the hashtag, such as “Do not dance the Muslim Chiblah” and “Comic Con is the devil worshiper party of Jedah”. Qibla is the direction Muslims head toward when they go to Kaaba in Makkah. On Thursday, the government’s General Authority for Entertainment said the organizers of the Comic-Con event would be punished for unspecified violations. The three-day festival of animations, pop art, video games and film-related events attracted thousands of audiences from February 16th to 18th at Jeddah, Red Sea city.

It is part of a government initiative that brings more entertainment to Saudi Arabia, where alcohol, cinemas and theaters are banned. Last month, the best priest of the kingdom, Grand Mufti Abdulaziz al-Sheikh, warned of the “corruption” of movies and music concerts. Partly because they expressed the “need for mixing between sexes.”

The comic con contains loud rocks and other music in the dark auditorium.

The video from a popular event through social media showed that Saudi women were shaking rather than dancing to music. ‘Repeated provocation’ Twitter poster Abu Tawari argued that the Entertainment Authority and “repetitive provocation” normalize this evil among the people until the people are accepted and there is no deterioration yet. Another Twitter user forced Twitter on Twitter to “retaliate against women who are embarrassing, dancing among men and making people feel jealous and set an example for others.” Another user said that it was sad that soldiers were fighting Yemen rebels at the southern border of the kingdom while “we are guilty of this sin”.

Other posts are against Comic-Con’s “Western” tones.

In a statement, entertainment authorities said that priority in public entertainment is “to protect values, morals and traditions.” Comic-Con was organized by a Saudi company, Time Entertainment, and received support from an agency that noted that the event was a “general success in terms of content and organization.” An employee at Time Entertainment who arrived on Friday refused to comment on the nature of the “offense” but said a statement would be released.

Providing more entertainment is the goal of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 Economic Diversification Plan to be pursued by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Under 31 years of age younger people are eager to use the energy of young people under the age of 25. Those who visited the Comic Con interviewed with AFP said they would welcome more shows and even cinemas. Government started entertainment in October without a fanfare when the New York theater company iLuminate performed at Princess Noura University in Riyadh. Hundreds of men and women played hip-hop, played hip-hop and applauded. However, after a complaint against Islamic hardliners was filed, the upstart comedian and Mike Epps’ December show was canceled, AFP reported.

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