Jeffrey Epstein funded MIT Media Lab, director Joichi Ito confirms

Joichi Ito, director of the MIT's Media Institute, a renowned institute for innovative work in various technical fields, has known New York financial guru Jeffrey Epstein since 2013, and Epstein's MIT Media Lab ) Allowed Epstein to invest in technology-driven investment funds other than MIT.

Epstein was arrested on July 6 for alleged sex offenders. He was executed without bail, waiting for a trial on conspiracy and prostitution charges. On August 10, Epstein died of suicide at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Two scholars connected to MIT quit smoking publicly after news of the financial relationship between Ito and Epstein. The New York Times specifically mentioned Ito's relationship with Epstein as the reason for Ito's exit Wednesday.

On the scale of " [Ito’s] As my relationship with Epstein became clear, I began to understand that I had to end my relationship with the MIT Media Lab, ”Associate Professor Ethan Zuckerman wrote on a blog on August 20.

Jeffrey Epstein
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According to Zuckerman, who referred to Joichi Ito as "Joi", his relationship with Epstein was associated with various financial relationships.

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These connections include "business relationships between Joi and Epstein, Joi's venture capital funds investing in Epstein's Media Lab and Joi's Epstein's asset support, futures and visiting support companies."

Ito founded and led an investment company called Neoteny, which funded a variety of technology startups. Neoteny's website lists the following companies in its investment portfolio:


According to financial records released by the New York Times, Epstein donated at least $ 200,000 to MIT. It's not clear how much Epstein funded the MIT Media Lab or Ito's external investments, and it's not clear if the $ 200,000 donation to MIT went to the Media Lab.

Neither Ito nor MIT responded to the request for comment. He remains a director of the MIT Media Lab.

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