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How Much Do Bloggers Make in 2020?

As per Today days How Much Do Bloggers Make in 2020 well, there are an increasing number of online blogs about almost everything under the sun and wondering how much money these bloggers make and how they make it. If you write your blog correctly, you can earn money, and this article will give you an overview of popular ideas that will help you monetize your blog.

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How popular bloggers make

To learn more about your blog’s potential earnings, we asked professional bloggers to share how they make money from their blogs. We also included an approximation of monthly earnings based on the information provided or monthly income reports available on our business websites.

Here are 11 popular bloggers and their prices.

1. Create a sense of cents

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner,

Approximate Monthly Income: $ 125,000
Monetization Strategy: Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Partnership
niche: Personal finance, lifestyle

“I started a blog with the goal of teaching people how to save money and journaling personal financial travel. It was all a hobby and an outlet, but I realized how much I like blogs and what it is. I’m a full time blogger now, ”said Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.

“I was making $ 1,000 a year after starting the blog, and a few months later I was making $ 5,000 a month. Michelle added over $ 1.5 million last year in blogs over the past few years.

Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus-Blogger's Revenue-Expert's Tips

2. Avocado two

Alex Nerney & Lauren McManus,

Approximate Monthly Income: $ 70,000
Monetization Strategy: Product and service sales, display advertising
niche: Health and wellness

Avocadu is a health and wellness blog that sells products to readers. The owners Alex and Lauren are also co-authors of the blog, which allows ambitious bloggers to start their blogging activity. Both blogs earn an average of $ 140,000 a month.

Harsh Agarwal-Revenue Of Bloggers-Tips Of The Experts

3. Shout loudly

Harsh Agarwal,

Approximate Monthly Income: $ 40,000
Monetization Strategy: Affiliate marketing, advertising, product and service sales
niche: Blogging Tips, Online Marketing

Shout Me Loud is an active blogger community that writes about blog tips, including basic and advanced WordPress, SEO, and social media marketing techniques. Harsh Agarwal started this blog and earned his first $ 10 in 2008.

The Shout Me Loud team now earns through a number of major affiliate programs and direct ad sales, with the most recent report earning $ 40,000 a month. Harsh also creates e-books for sale in his stores and Amazon.

Matthew Woodward-Blogger's Revenue-Expert's Tips

4. Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward,

Approximate Monthly Income: $ 26,000
Monetization Strategy: Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising
niche: Internet marketing strategy, SEO

His pioneer in internet marketing, his blog focuses on SEO, link building and lead generation. It also offers online marketing tools for business owners and bloggers and exclusive internet marketing deals for readers. You can earn $ 28,000 from 2017’s monthly income report on your blog. It also includes an analysis of the income and expenses of everyone interested in how to run a successful blog.

Marc Andre-Blogger's Revenue-Expert Tip

5. Vital Dollar

Mark Andre,

Approximate Monthly Income: $ 5,000-$ 25,000
Monetization Strategy: Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, Amazon Associates Program
niche: Money and finance

“I run blogs in different industries. I sold a web design blog for half a million dollars. Marc Andre also sold photo blogs for $ 500,000 and other photo blogs for $ 216,000. “The main focus of 2019 is the personal finance blog. Right now we’re monetizing our affiliate programs, but after we’ve taken traffic to the next level, we plan to create and sell digital products. ”

Adi Dzebic-Blogger's Revenue-Expert Tips

6. Bail network

Adi Dzebic,

Approximate Monthly Income: $ 15,000
Monetization Strategy: Selling products and services with small business owners on Google AdSense,, Blog
niche: Bail Industry and Directory

“At first, revenue was small, but as traffic began to grow, we saw more and more business owners becoming part of our business listings and reaching out to sponsor specific pages related to our business,” says Adi Dzebic.

“The direct relationship with business owners has changed from 10% to 20% of sales from 2018 to 2019, more than 50%. Now we are focusing on banner placement and premium lists for businesses that are partnering with us. . ”

Alexa Mason-Blogger's Revenue-Expert's Tips

7. Single Mom Online

Alexa Mason,

Approximate Monthly Income: $ 5,500
Monetization Strategy: Product and service sales, display advertising
niche: Freelance Jobs for One Parent, Financial Management

This blog is about a parent’s journey as a blogger. She shares how to earn income through her freelancing job. She also deals with the topic of financial management as a single parent and how to live on a budget. Alexa shares his monthly earnings report with the most recent $ 5,500 from Ad Networks, its affiliates and sponsors since January 2019.

Kristin Hanes-Blogger's Revenue-Expert's Tips

8. The way home

Kristin Hanes,

Approximate Monthly Income: $ 3,000
Monetization Strategy: Sponsored Posts, Affiliate Marketing & Advertising, Google Adsense
niche: Alternative Living, Van Living, RVing Full Time, Yachting, Small House

“I help people explore alternative life situations when many people can’t reach rents and rents. As soon as I started blogging in 2017, I started making money. This simply meant Google Adsense. They made almost nothing, but the ads made readers accustomed to seeing ads on my site, ”Kristin Hanes said.

“I also did affiliate marketing. After 18 months, my blog monetized through various ads, affiliate sales, and sponsored posts. Since we have signed a sponsored post contract, our income in February 2019 is over $ 6,000. ”

Latasha Peterson-Blogger's Revenue-Expert's Tips

9. Art and Budget

Latasha Peterson, Arts & Budgets, LLC

Approximate Monthly Income: $ 1,500-$ 2,000
Monetization Strategy: Affiliate Marketing, Courses, Pinterest Coaching, Advertising
niche: Creative budget and earnings strategy

Latasha Peterson explains, “It helps me handle my money in a creative and creative way. “We teach them how to earn extra money through hurdles and blogs. It also provides resources on how to budget and save money. A year ago, I started to monetize my blog through affiliate marketing and promoted my favorite products and services to viewers through blog posts. ”

Sam Dogen-Blogger's Revenue-Expert's Tips

10. Financial Samurai

Sam Dogen,

Approximate Monthly Income: Not applicable
Monetization Strategy: Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising
niche: Personal Finance, Real Estate, Investment

“For the first time, blogs made money through simple cost-per-click (CPC) and banner ads through Google AdSense. In addition, many sponsored posts and sponsored text links were provided in 2009 and 2010, ”said Sam Dogen.

“But since 2011, I have shifted my focus to partnerships with products that I have used with interest in my subjects such as asset management, real estate and investment. After 10 years of blogging, I can now spend 80% more time and have a lot more fun, while spending more time than the managing director of an investment bank. ”

Dave Taylor-Blogger's Revenue-Expert Tip

11. Ask Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor,

Approximate Monthly Income: Not applicable
Monetization Strategy: Sponsored Search, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising
niche: Technology, gadgets

“I started the site to answer questions from many technical and business book readers, but I realized that I could turn email questions and answers (Q & A) into the website Q & A while still receiving email queries. So was born. Dave Taylor said.

“Advertising revenue started very small (e.g. lunch at McDonald’s), but it gradually grew until I paid my mortgage.” It comes from hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to, and we’re good because it continues to cover my mortgage. ”

Blog Monetization Tips

Only a fraction of the millions of active blogs today generate revenue in a variety of ways. But if you’re a casual blogger with no traffic trying to monetize your blog, and if there’s little traffic, Google’s featured blog experts get the perfect inspiration on how to turn your hobby blog into a legitimate source of income.

Here are 7 test tips on how to monetize your blog based on the recommended blogger answers above.

1. Identify your blog style

You need to know the type of blogger you want to start with. Blog style is one of the things that makes your blog unique and stands out as a brand. Ask yourself what your monetization goals are. If you’ve ever blogged as a hobby, you may want to update the type of blog you run to reach your revenue goals.

The most common blogger types to help you get started are:

  • Personal blogger: Someone who uses a blog similar to an online diary
  • Professional bloggers: Someone who runs a blog for the purpose of making money
  • Niche Blogger: Blogger writing about a specific topic or passion
  • Affiliate Bloggers: People who make money using blogs by writing reviews of affiliate products
  • Freelance Bloggers: Bloggers who write for their clients and are generally considered experts on a particular topic
  • Business blogger: Hire exclusively or write for your own business

2. Niche Market Decisions

The most profitable bloggers are considered the authority on very specific topics. This allows you to create valuable content that is worth reading. However, there are successful bloggers in the niche who started blogging to document their journey towards learning.

When choosing a niche, priorities are passionate topics, so you should always motivate them to create content that fits the topic. You also need to make sure that the topic you choose is a topic that attracts a lot of people. Finally, it is important to conduct research and determine the monetization opportunities available for the chosen topic.

3. Choose the right web hosting service

The main metric of a successful blog is a visible website. However, just having a high ranking blog on a search engine results page doesn’t mean anything if you can’t access a website. It may be slow or your site may be offline. In both cases, the best precaution is to choose a reliable web host.

If you have a trusted web host, you should speed up your website and make it always available online. Bluehost is recommended for professional web hosting needs. We also provide domain registration and business email addresses for $ 2.95 per month. Check out more Bluehost plans.

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4. Professional website design

A blog website should not only stand out, it should be functional and efficient. Different types of blogs have different requirements to be an effective revenue generating platform, but all successful blogs are basically designed on the same basis.

The website should be simple and tidy. Viewers should follow a visual hierarchy that guides them through the content and leads them to follow a call-to-action (CTA). Navigation should also be easy and optimized for visitors accessing websites via mobile devices. Finally, efficient websites are optimized for speed by paying attention to image compression, code cleanup, and page size.

This list may seem difficult, but thankfully, there are tools available to anyone who wants to create their own website.

  • Squarespace is known for its sleek, modern templates and allows you to develop professional and expensive websites without any coding. Try a free trial here.
  • Wix is a powerful editing suite that lets you create your own website in hours, providing quick and easy setup. Sign up for free here.
  • Weebly is the least expensive website builder payment plan that includes a free domain. It also provides intuitive drag and drop functionality to create anything from simple websites to e-commerce stores. Create a free Weebly account.

5. Content Management

Once you have decided on your blog style and niche and created a website, you should now think about your content. Since blogs focus on areas of interest, it is safe to assume that there are many article ideas at the top of the head. But drafting is only half the task. In addition to providing valuable information, you can also optimize your articles for content quality to get more blog traffic.

Write well-studied, long-form articles and use tools to optimize your search results. If you want to create custom blogs and manage your content for bloggers who are interested in monetizing your blog, we recommend using WordPress. It offers a variety of features, including extensive SEO integration, to help you rank your content in search.

6. Choose your monetization strategy

There are many ways a blogger can make money. There are several useful monetization tools and strategies depending on your goals and niche. The different monetization strategies are:

  • Real commodity sales: Shopify is a low-maintenance, low-maintenance e-commerce platform to create professional looking online stores. Highly recommended for those who want to spend more time creating content instead of maintaining a website. WooCommerce is another e-commerce platform that runs on WordPress. It also takes more time to learn how to use the platform, but offers more customization options and almost unlimited design possibilities, giving you more control over the overall design of your online store.
  • Membership Sales: Blogs are primarily publicly accessible, but once you start gaining trust, you can offer a membership to access your gated content. This premium content may include services, courses, listings, consultations and other features such as special deals and coupons offered on platforms such as Woorkup and WP coupons and deals.
  • Sponsorship: Initially, blog sponsorship only referred to pages or posts, but nowadays bloggers who do audio podcasts can make money through their episode sponsorship. Brands are interested in contacting bloggers who are considered niche specialists.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Joining an affiliate network allows you to write product review articles and include a back link to your affiliate partner to earn money from all readers who click on the link to buy your product. The most popular affiliate networks are Amazon Associates, ShareASale Affiliates, eBay Partners, and Shopify Affiliate Program.
  • Advertised: Adding pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM) ads, also known as cost-per-click (CPC), is the most common way to monetize a blog with adequate traffic. In addition to Google AdSense, you can choose from platforms such as InfoLinks, and Chitika. LinkWorth is a popular text link network that also offers rotating text ads. If you want more granular control over what kind of ads appear on your website, sign up for BuySellAds or BlogAds to sell your ad space directly.

7. Add mandatory pages to your website

Blog monetization has certain responsibilities that require disclosure. These additional pages on your website are required when dealing with income generating partners such as your affiliates and advertisers. These additional pages should include:

  • Affiliate Disclosure: To inform your audience that you are being commissioned by an affiliate
  • Privacy Policy: To disclose how your site collects and uses visitor information
  • Advertise with us ”page: To inform potential partners that you have an open sponsorship and ad placement


Now that you have answered “How are your bloggers profiting” and how to make money, you can now create a profitable blog to pursue your passion. All successful bloggers say it will take some time to make money with blogging, but with the right tools from the start, you can create the best blog that gives everyone the financial freedom they want. So stay motivated.

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