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Top 10+ Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Strategies

Real estate marketing is about sharing your listings on social media, advertising your agency, building website content to promote your brand as an agent, and gain buyer and seller leads. To get fresh marketing ideas, check out the list of the best marketing advices from the top production agents below.

Here are 43 of the best real estate marketing ideas used by professionals.

1. Marketing using Zillow

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) says that 90% of home buyers hunt homes online. Zillow, the largest real estate website with more than 199 million visitors a month, should be your first visit. Zillow Premier Agent is Zillow’s platform and can advertise on local Zillow and Trulia listings. It is estimated that you earn $ 2.60 with a commission for every dollar you spend. Click here to find rates in your area.

Visit to Jill

Real Geeks-Real Estate Marketing-Expert Tips

2. Provide home evaluation for seller evaluation

One of the most difficult marketing challenges for a real estate agent is to get seller leads. Real Geeks offers home rating tools that you can put right on your website. The seller can enter some details to create a valuation report for the asset and receive monthly updates. Collecting these seller email addresses will add them to your lead list. Click here for the Home Assessment Tool demo.

Chris Stapleton-Real Estate Marketing-Tips of the Experts

Leverage influencer marketing

Chris Stapleton, Blue Elephant Realty Inc. Brokerage Sales Representative

One way to gain social relevance and expand the scope of your listing and advertising is to leverage influencers and public relations. For example, if your listing is unique, you can contact the following local bloggers and Instagram influencers who match your target buyers to create relevant content to share with your followers. There are several websites and blogs with a weekly condo showcase that you can try featuring your space.

Annemarie du LeBohn-Real Estate Marketing-Tips of the Experts

4. Create a referral by hosting a community event

Annemarie du LeBohn, Strategist, TNG Real Estate Community Engagement

My favorite marketing advice is to embrace community involvement. For example, in May and June, two free community paper pieces will be held in Los Alamitos and Brea, California. The event will help reduce landfill paper and help people reduce identity theft. Our agents cultivate various nearby areas with leaflets and door hangers to spread this word. People can shred up to five paper boxes for free, which is about $ 100 in cost savings.

Lindsay Bolton-Real Estate Marketing-Expert Tips

5. Make your web site a store

Lindsay Bolton, Marketing Manager, Finger Lakes Premier Properties

Our main marketing tool is a website. In today’s market it is a store for business. Mobile-friendly sites with high organic traffic surpass paid digital advertising. It will not only show you and your differentiators, but also pay attention to details when promoting the list. Photos must be in place for all marketing works, including social media posts.

Ryan Fitzgerald-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

6. Create a Real Estate Website for an Individual Community

Ryan Fitzgerald, Owner, Raleigh Realty

One way to generate more than 5 new leads every day is to use the local community page. What makes this an effective marketing idea is the fact that it is being reverse engineered to generate real estate leads. If you start work in advance, these leads are continuous.

Candice Williams-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

7. Free moving truck offered

RE / MAX Space Center Realtor Candice Williams

My best marketing idea for real estate is a free moving truck that can be used by customers who buy and sell homes. We also provide trucks for nonprofits. It’s a moving billboard and no other agent in the area offers moving trucks. Receives a lot of attention. It also strategically parks in areas with heavy traffic when not in use. When there are events for homeowners like home shows or boat shows in town, there will be my moving truck.

John Crossman-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

8. Reservation for Public Speaking

John Crossman, CEO, CCIM, CRX, Crossman & Company

One unique and influential marketing idea is public speaking. Most people hate it. If you are trained as a speaker, you are often asked to speak. This allows you to be recognized as an industry leader and take advantage of it to market your property.

Karen Wachtel-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

9. & # 39; for fridge & # 39; send postcard

Karen Wachtel, Director of Marketing and Communications, PorchLight Real Estate Group

To power the postcards, Wachtel recommends using the “fridge for free” topic, such as the best metro area hikes, great recipes for guacamole, a guide to the meaning of the NFL referee signals, or tips to perfect your Thanksgiving meal time. Recommended. She explains, “We are regularly contacted by customers and even promising counselors who meet our customers or agents in person based on postcards that are regularly suspended in refrigerators or message boards.”

Matterport-Real Estate Marketing-Expert Tips

10. Facebook Page Optimization

Since we have millions of users every day, we do not recommend using Facebook as a marketing tool these days. Download this free ebook from Matterport to learn about the biggest improvements you can make on your business Facebook page, how to set up paid campaigns, and other useful tips. It also explains how to convert these leads into physical sales. Start today

Anita Clark-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

11. Create a Subdivision Website Page

Anita Clark, Realtor, Warner Robins Realty

You may not be able to compete with Zillow and use a query like “home for sale”. [city]” You can rank Google on niche queries for small towns, pretty streets, or subsections. Photos, videos, market conditions, school district information, and relevant details about segments or regions are a great way to build organic traffic to your website.

Chuck Boss Bug-Real Estate Marketing-Tips of the Experts

12. Highlight your home with professional photos

Chuck Vosburgh, Licensed Real Estate Agent, NextHome Gulf to Bay

In my experience, more than 95% of buyers start searching online and the quality of the photos determines whether the real estate is visible. Also, if the picture is not excellent, the home buyer will not stop reading about the property. Even if a real estate agent offers a property to a customer, a busy scheduler decides based on the photo only if he wants to spend time visiting the property. Even if they look at the property, it is difficult to overcome the initial bad reaction.

Heather Witt-Real Estate Marketing-Expert Tips

13. Separate your list with unique decorations

Heather Witt, Real Estate Agent, Rodeo Realty, Inc.

Have a quirky object in your house. In this way, when buyers talk about this, they can say “house with a huge Buddha” or “orange rug house”. There is something left in mind about style or design. Sometimes if you have six middle houses you can see on the same day, you can forget about a perfectly good and normal house.

Peter Lorimer-Real Estate Marketing-Expert Tips

14. Stream your agency’s routine live

Peter Lorimer, Founder of PLG Estates

The “Live Now” tag is rarely clickable when scrolling through social media feeds. People are naturally curious. Do you want to see the new list for the first time? Would you like to show your audience through a live stream? They feel like they are getting inside scoops, build prospects and get more leads. This is win-win.

Guide this process in the amazing “Magic Minute” series edition of Beverly Hills superstar broker Peter Lorimer.

Parkbench-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

15. Become a neighbor expert

One of the best ways to gain the trust and loyalty of your real estate customers is to market yourself as a neighbor expert. Parkbench allows you to create a neighboring website and then provide useful content to your followers, including hyper-local news and transactions. Agents can use the website to build relationships with other local businesses and generate leads through referrals. Click here to learn more about how Parkbench can help you with your real estate marketing efforts.

Andrew Weinberger-Real Estate Marketing-Expert Tips

16. Create exciting and original high quality content

AndrewCinberger, Founder and CEO, PropertyClub

The best way to show your expertise is to give potential customers something you can’t find anywhere else. Therefore, most of the content is very detailed and less detailed about us or our products. For example, some of the best-performing content is tax information and information about real estate, New York City architecture, or owning property. Agents who produce expensive content for their readers market their expertise and differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Adam Mitchell-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tip

17. Market to smaller areas

Adam Mitchell, owner, we buy a house fast in Dallas

We are a real estate investment company where home investors can help with stressful home situations. We have learned that marketing to smaller regions is more effective than wider and shallower marketing. We use a combination of DM, telephone, Target Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC (PPC) to find our customers.

Priscilla Vega-Real Estate Marketing-Tips of the Experts

18. Charity Introduction

Priscilla Vega, Founder of PR Vega

The best way to succeed in real estate is to give potential customers something to remember. Real estate professionals need to differentiate themselves, and the way to do this is through Giveback Homes, an organization of agents who build houses for those in need. The organization creates social change, giving real estate professionals a great social platform and giving them a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Tim Davis-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

19. Create a blog to answer customer questions

Tim Davis, Coco-Lan Regional Brokerage Advisor

Real estate is a topic that has always been a hot topic, so the stories you can offer on your blog read well. I have worked diligently over the past 38 years as a market expert in the sale of luxury residential real estate in Hamptons. You and your customers want to hear from you, whether it’s my update to the current market situation or my opinion or personal opinion about design and architecture. My extensive business and market knowledge is summarized in data that provides quotes that are often used in the press.

Outlook Plus! -Real Estate Marketing-Expert Tips

20. Start a direct marketing campaign with a postcard

Postcards are an inexpensive and eye-catching way for homebuyers and homeowners in farm areas. You can use a direct mailer to market nearby real estate to homeowners in a specific area, share statistics on recently sold real estate, or promote local real estate offices. Outlook Plus! Offers various full color postcards for real estate brokers. Click here to choose one of the professionally designed beautiful templates or upload your own design.

Danielle Procopio-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

21. Stand out with handwritten notes

Danielle Procopio, CSC, Real Estate Agent and Certified Home Staging Consultant, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Thank you for my favorite marketing advice. I thought it was a good way to use cutting edge routes when contacting people. I’m wrong People very well receive handwritten letters and letters of thanks. Stupid plaster sounds simple, but this old-fashioned technique seems to set me apart from my competition. Many people are no longer doing this. In real estate, you need the benefits you can get.

Mike Khorev-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

22. Hire Google Advertising

Mike Khorev leads growth for Nine Peaks Media

One of the most effective marketing strategies for creating new customers for real estate agents and brokers is Google Ads Remarketing. A fairly new feature provided by Lee Marketing is the ability to target users who have recently visited a specific website or entered a specific search term on Google. This allows you to target people who have recently searched for “sold home”, “buy home” or “real” and who have visited real estate websites, including multiple listing service (MLS) listings and competitors’ sites.

To create that targeting list, go to the Google Ads Campaign dashboard and create a remarketing list based on your interests and add your website URL and keyword list. After that, your advertising banner will be available to those who are currently interested in buying or selling a home (people who visited these sites or searched for keywords) and will drive traffic from your area to your website.

Nicholas Lee-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

23. Grow your network with local happy times

Nicholas Lee, a licensed real estate agent in Sierra Lee

In addition to advertising on StreetEasy, Trulia, and Zillow and sending out monthly newsletters, my best strategy is still a personal touch. I host a monthly Happy Hour Open Bar in New York City and invite top customers, friends and family. It’s a great way to grow your network organically and in this way you have the best sales customers. I strongly recommend it.

Jay Macklin-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

24. Aim for serious home buyers

Jay Macklin, Platinum Living Real Estate Agents & Owners

My favorite lead generation system is to change the message from “What is your house worth?” To “Check the price your house demands immediately when we put it home for sale.” Something worth investing enough to want someone to sell and know their house prices. This will take you to the Automated valuation Model (AVM) lead capture landing page, where you can instantly see the required price based on the houses currently active in the nearby market.

Daniel Steinfeld-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

25. Create signage by custom properties

Daniel Steinfeld, CEO,

Our most effective marketing practice was “anti-marketing” for implementation. In a city with rugged signs after a sign that focuses on brokers and brokerage rather than the listing itself, we made custom signs for all real estate we sell. The ability to sell homes to passers-by provides additional benefits to our customers and sends a message to the seller that we understand that our own interests are selling real estate, not real estate. We were surprised that we received more inbound calls as a result of this conscious attempt not to do direct marketing.

Reba Miller-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

26. Host Virtual Open House

Reba Miller, Founder, RP Miller Realty Group

Using technology, we hosted a virtual open house with 360 degree immersive panoramic photos. result? Anyone who attends an open house can feel as if they are in an apartment walking on their own. To make it even more attractive, we have attached a contest to the virtual open house. Anyone who has stepped on five of the seven rooms can automatically enter the lottery to win the iPad. The unit was sold in a few days.

John Vagueiro-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

27. Cross Moisture Customers

John Vagueiro, President and Founder, Adapting Social

One of the strategies we want to use is what we call “cross-pollinating”. Here, we build relationships through social media in local restaurants, shops, boutiques, etc. in cities where agents want to dominate. You can follow your account, tag your friends, scream simple, or run promotions like gift contests for your followers through a tagged photo of your agent in one of these locations.

Agents are helpful because they emphasize expertise in the landscape or mark them as & # 39; mayor & # 39; in the target city. Get your name in front of new people who are familiar with local businesses, engage with local businesses, and ultimately create compelling content to follow local businesses.

Daniela Andreevska-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

28. Connect with local businesses

Daniela Andreevska, Director of Marketing, Mashvisor

Real estate is the business of people. To market yourself successfully and attract new leads and customers, you first need to make yourself look like yourself and show that you are interested in the region and the community. Engage with local store owners, business owners and employees. Take part in local events. All these efforts not only make you feel better, become more involved, but also stand out from other agents and brokers who are not involved in the life of the community.

Mike Fabbri-Real Estate Marketing-Expert Tips

29. Building Strategies Using Strategic PR

Mike Fabbri, Nest Seekers International, Ryan Serhant team

Many agents think about PR [public relations] Only celebrities and industry titans can afford it. There is little that you can do it yourself for free. Mike Fabbri uses a site like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to share his expertise in real estate with journalists looking for a source. In return, he got his name in the press and the opportunity to link back to a good website for SEO.

Morgan King-Real Estate Marketing-Tips of the Experts

30. Neighbor Exclusive Preview Held

Morgan King, Real Estate Agent, Morgan King Real Estate Group

Hold a neighborhood exclusive preview before listing homes on the market. Invite your neighbors to visit your area before the event. Let them know that it’s good to burst, even if you know how the house is compared to the house and better understand the value of the house, as well as know who to invite together.

Matt McGee-Real Estate Marketing-Expert Tips

31.Create a video series to share with your leads

Matt McGee, Chief Marketing Officer, Cari McGee Real Estate Team

Social media is an important way to stay in touch with people you know and show your name in front of new people. Post regularly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. We have a weekly video series called “Ask the Reality”. We’re planning season 2 after season 1 and we’ll turn the short video into a Facebook ad. A video typically gets about 4,000 views with about nickel per view. They were good to be exposed to new people in our area.

Ira Chopovska-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

32. Use website targeting to drive website traffic

Ira Chopovska, Agent Drive Marketing Manager

A powerful way to improve marketing is to set up retargeting campaigns. The idea is to create great ad copy that directs you to a dedicated landing page or a single property website with listings that market people. Ads follow site visitors on the internet and social media, so you can redirect traffic back to your site when you’re ready to reach it.

Emile L & # 39; Eplattenier-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

33. Learn how to market to Millennials

Emile L & # 39; Eplattenier, editor in chief of The Close

Millennials accounted for 34% of all real estate buyers in 2017, and 66% of millennials are expected to buy homes in the next five years. In fact, this audience is so important that Zillow recently launched a real estate portal for the millennial generation. To maximize the impact of marketing on millennials, offer experiential marketing such as personal courses and events. Creating an authentic, informative and sociable brand can make the finish line with millennial buyers.

Audrey Darby-Real Estate Marketing-Expert Tips

34. Focus on Small Customer List

Audrey Darby Founder & CEO

It may sound like a contradiction, but according to real estate experience, if you want to grow, you have taught you to start small and do it personally. Most top agents typically focus on a database of fewer than 200 customers and include them in all of their personalization services, value items and everything related to real estate. Most importantly, as a real estate agent for this elite, keep the “best spirit” and compliment your consistent recommendation on every interaction. This approach gives you the opportunity to build a solid and loyal customer, and usually the warmest new leads.

Jon Sycamore-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

35. Leverage the power of cold calls

Jon Sycamore, Founder of Jon Buys Utah Housing

There are many strategies [to real estate marketing]The recent trend has been the resurgence of the traditional marketing of cold call. New technology software makes it easier for real estate investors, agents, or brokers to call. For example, a cloud-based service called Mojo Dialer can dial three phone numbers at once and make 300 calls in an hour. It is also designed to comply with federal telemarketing rules to avoid penalties.

Jennifer Murtland-Real Estate Marketing-Expert's Tips

36. Don’t be so ordinary

Jennifer Murtland, Head of eXp Realty

Don’t be so common. We can easily access information in the digital age. How do you stand out? Marketing is about personal connections. Most agents require 150 people to talk regularly when trying to achieve their sales goals. 15 of them are “A” customers or referrals to businesses most likely to be friends. Find out these people. Add value to their lives E.g [generic] Give them pies for Thanksgiving, give them your favorite pies or donate them to your favorite charity.

Jeffrey Goodman-Real Estate Marketing-Expert Tips

37. Host Local Neighborhood Tour

Jeffrey Goodman, Licensed Real Estate Agent of Halstead Property, LLC

When it comes to good marketing, nothing beats the personal involvement that comes from hosting fun events in your field. Hold an event that shows your love and expertise in the farm area.

Luxury Manhattan real estate agent Jeff Goodman does just that. Goodman organizes regular walking tours around historic Manhattan. He hires a professional tour guide for the event, so usually more than 70 people attend each tour.

Here’s a video about mutual benefits that benefit from phrases and benefits from Goodman’s travels and videos.

Chris Haddon - real estate marketing - Tips from the Pros

38. Craft a Personalized Message for Your Buyers

Chris Haddon, Founder, REI 360

I have found the best results come from a personal message in my own voice. When you write your message, remember the following points:

  • Make the message about them. They don’t care about you, so tell them how you can help them as quickly as possible.
  • Be clear. If a seller is not sure what you want them to do, they’ll never call you.
  • Match your message to your seller.
  • Make your message short and sweet. In our fast-paced world, people rarely read all their email, and unsolicited mail often hits the trash can. If you want your message to be heard, make it short.

Matthew Baltzell - real estate marketing - Tips from the Pros

39. Get Google’s Attention With Long-form Content

Matthew Baltzell, Real Estate Analyst, Boardwalk Wealth

At Boardwalk Wealth, we’ve noticed long-form blog posts and content with more than 1,500 words generate more traffic and is more valued with Google. As a result of publishing fewer “Top Three” articles and other briefer forms of content, we are seen as more professional and can get more traffic and real estate leads.

Bottom Line: Real Estate Marketing Ideas

The perfect real estate marketing ideas depend on your market, firm, and preferred lead management tools. However, maximizing your web presence, sharing videos, and creating SEO-optimized content are generally effective tools for marketing your agency. For more ideas, be sure to use the tips above to make the most of your marketing efforts.

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