Best all-white outfit ideas and style inspiration

At the end of the summer, some people may feel the urge to throw away white clothes by the next year. "I am not white after the day of labor" trembles behind my head.

According to TIME's video, this "rule" may have originated from the necessity of the early 20th century. Before people used the air conditioner, they wore white to keep them cool in the hot summer months. But as the rainy weather began, it was no longer practical to wear white attire. Thus, white became a color rather than a season, and turning light tones into dark ensemble was a sign of getting back to work or school.

But Kimmie Smith, a famous fashion stylist, co-founder and co-founder / style director of Athleisure Mag, previously told insiders that this is an old concept. "This fictitious rule that the biggest fashion myth I disagree is that I can't wear white after Labor Day," she said. "White is neutral and can be worn at any time. It gives a natural glow to most skin tones and should not be demoted to a certain time of year."

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Stacy London, a stylist on the Baltimore Sun and former organizer of TLC's "What Not To Wear", said, "There is no such thing as a rule." Modern women are free to experiment. "

There are 17 ensembles that inspire you to use white clothes well at any time of the year.

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