Apple to let iPhone repair shops get certified parts to fix your phone

Apple said Thursday it will provide parts, tools, training manuals, and other necessary materials needed to perform iPhone repairs outside its official warranty to a more independent repair shop.

Apple happened in the past after a technology company opposed the "repair rights" law that had to provide tools and service parts to device owners and repair shops.

Apple said the program will be launched in the United States with plans to expand to additional countries. The materials and tools Apple provides to repair shops apply to iPhone repairs outside the most common warranty. These procedures include display repair and battery replacement.

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Anyone interested in participating in the program must have an Apple Certified Technician to perform the repair. It must also be an established business with verification documents that Apple can review and keep Apple's tools, training, service guides, and diagnostics confidential. Repairs who have passed the program will have access to Apple's parts, tools, training, service guides, diagnostics, and resources at the same price as an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Apple started the program on the repair website iFixit Recently, according to iFixit, even if you use a legitimate Apple battery, you're trying to replace the battery yourself, or at an unauthorized repair shop, the iPhone owner reported an error message. Apple issued a response after the report was published, "Safety Precautions to Help Protect Customers from Damaged, Bad Batteries, or Used Batteries."

As the motherboard reported at the time, other big companies like Apple, Verizon, and Toyota opposed the Fair Repair Act of 2017.

In addition, Apple recently expanded its repair network, which has been approved to include more Best Buy stores, bringing it to a total of 1,000 locations in the United States.

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