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Annuity Leveraged Income Double Strategy

In the unregulated Income Double Strategy¬†world of pension sales, too many pension products are sold in one size to fit all solutions. Pensions are unfortunate because they need to be tailored to specific circumstances and tailored to specific goals. In his role as “Official Annuity Ambassador” and “The Annuity Consumer Advocate”, I say that you have to have a pension for what you do, not what you do.

What this means is that you make purchasing decisions only for contractual guarantees, not some hypothetical, theoretical, or non-guaranteed return scenarios. Never buy a pension dream. Own the contractual reality of the policy. We are constantly looking for ways to maximize pension benefits and returns with maturity and financial background. This is how the “Leveraged Income Double” strategy was created.

Income Double Strategy Genesis

A very nice man from Ohio read one of my pension columns and called because he answered the question “What do you want with money?” By the way, all that single consultation is the way to get started with me. It sounds basic, but when you think about it, it makes sense. Because I only consider the contractual guarantee of my pension policy, I want to start at the finish line and see if the pension can be contractually answered.

The conclusion was that in eight years, lifetime income was actually needed, but it was a limited amount and that all pennies should be maximized for both yourself and your wife. His wife was an important part of the plan because the guaranteed income flow was set in conjunction with her and she wanted to see for as long as either side lives.

Annuity to open LID

The Leveraged Income Double strategy included two separate pension strategies, but leveraged each other. The first pension was a very unique Fixed Index Annuity (FIA). I am not a huge fan of most pension annuities, especially when they are hyped up and overvalued by the most exaggerated drunken aides. However, this strategy has been particularly suited to this strategy and has been addressed. This pension annuity has provisions that if the income stream is turned immediately (not recommended by most FIAs), the income stream will increase and stabilize annually according to the exponential flow. As the FIA was designed and introduced in 1995 to compete with the CD, he said he expects customers to see income growth from 0{0eebbed16ca7ed3ad930b08f52852c03d5fae14ac2b8e23f70e36ba1a397a21b} to 3{0eebbed16ca7ed3ad930b08f52852c03d5fae14ac2b8e23f70e36ba1a397a21b}. It is called realistic expected return!

This first pension immediately started earning

Started earning and fully funded the second pension for the seventh consecutive year. The minimum amount ($ 5,000) was assigned to the second pension, but the remainder came from the income derived from the first pension. The second pension was a fixed annuity with an income rider (ie, supplementary benefit) that contractually grew and blended to 7{0eebbed16ca7ed3ad930b08f52852c03d5fae14ac2b8e23f70e36ba1a397a21b} until eight years when the income stream was aimed at beginning. Incidentally, the income rider growth and recognized interest are available for import purposes only and are not otherwise accessible.

In addition to the contractually guaranteed 7{0eebbed16ca7ed3ad930b08f52852c03d5fae14ac2b8e23f70e36ba1a397a21b} income rider growth during the retirement period (stopped at the start of income), the second pension provides an initial bonus of 8{0eebbed16ca7ed3ad930b08f52852c03d5fae14ac2b8e23f70e36ba1a397a21b} for all money added to the contract during the first seven years. I found this pension exactly in his scenario. Therefore, for every dollar deposited from Pension # 1 to Pension # 2, he received an 8{0eebbed16ca7ed3ad930b08f52852c03d5fae14ac2b8e23f70e36ba1a397a21b} bonus and then increased to the annual compound income rider of 7{0eebbed16ca7ed3ad930b08f52852c03d5fae14ac2b8e23f70e36ba1a397a21b}.

A very clever man said that the eight wonders of the world are the magic of interest in welfare. Leveraged Income Double is a representative example of this statement.

Benefits and Limitations

At the end of Year 7, the income stream of Pension # 2 was turned on to provide a lifetime income stream for both husband and wife. Annuity # 2 has been in place for seven years, and annuity # 1, which has grown year by year as a result of the index rises, continues in both life styles. Thus, instead of one pension that provides a lifetime income stream, there is now a second generation, and the second pension is fully supported as the first pension.

This is a leverage income doubling strategy. The limit for this is the postponement period, but you can set it to postpone longer or shorter depending on the situation. In addition, the pension No.1 income will be a minimum income, though the tax burden is small.

As I always said, ask “What do you want to do with money? When do you need it?” Leverage income from that answer Double Blur might be a strategy for you maybe maybe another strategy that fits your specific situation. It all depends on how you answer the question. It all depends on how you answer the question

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