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Their offensive, obscene behaviour and for children. She did not let him go outside much until he was in junior high. It really depends on the mood I was feeling that day. There was an era I was depressed, around I wondered if he was as strict about objectification in his love life as he was in his career.

I was inspired to seek out him and his fellow interview subject, Joey Navedo, after I watched an episode of Little Women: It struck me, though, that the situation is probably different for men, specifically gay ones and particularly those who are interested in hooking up. In a superficial, no-strings-attached sex scenario, objectification is the name of the game. Funes tends to meet guys on geolocation apps like Grindr. Though he works in nightlife, connecting with an average-sized person the only type of person Funes has slept with IRL can be difficult from a logistical standpoint.

Butts and crotches. He said he attracts guys on the dominant side. They feel a sense of dominance.

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  7. When Funes describes his use of Grindr—some persistent creeps, some sessions in which he contacts multiple guys only to get back not a word in response—his experience verges on the universal. And yet, Funes can relate to those who voice curiosity about hooking up with someone of his height.

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    That is because he shares it. Sometimes I get the urge to top. Soon after, he came out to his parents.

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    That was the first and last conversation he had with them regarding his sexuality. He told me that he started hooking up with guys when he was a senior in high school via Adam4Adam. He was 19 or 20 when he had his first boyfriend, who was And then at 22 or 23 when he started dating a year-old that he fell in love with. It drove me wild.

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    We would spend hours watching TV and I would just be there like a little son, right next to him like that. There are more open eyes than minds—eyes that pry, stare, and remind a person of his differences. After a year, Funes and his boyfriend broke up. In fact, he said he feels awkward when he encounters another little person on the street he knows his fellow subject in this piece, Joey Navedo, but not very well. When he walks down the street, he almost always wears headphones.

    Drunk people, late at night, or homeless people: I lean toward no. I know what it felt like to be raised as one. As a little kid, all you want is to be liked and have as many friends as possible.

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    When I met Navedo this spring, he told me he was just back from Savannah, Georgia, where he broke things off with a military guy he was seeing. Navedo was looking forward to a summer on Fire Island, working as the assistant to hoteliers Mati Weiderpass and Ian Reisner, who set off a firestorm when they hosted a reception for and donated to the virulently anti-gay Senator Ted Cruz. Navedo, 30 and Puerto Rican, told me that he often surprises people with the amount of dick he gets.

    He shared a story about meeting a guy out one night on Fire Island and bringing him around his friend group the next day.