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The reality of the ban is something a bit more alarming, something everyone both inside and outside the sex worker community should be concerned about: It is sweeping censorship on a site used by queer people everywhere and is part of a censorship trend that is disproportionately erasing queer people. Browse the list, and list any I might have missed in the comments.

Hairy Men Lovers — @big29sa #malemodel #sunny #scruff #men #gym #gay

At the sex toy company where I work, we hire porn stars to showcase our products in sexy videos. Instead of browsing agency databases for talent, we simply get on Twitter. The platform allows NSFW content everywhere except in profile and header photos, making it the go-to place for an up-and-coming performer to showcase their body of work and create a de facto portfolio. Twitter poses a risk for people in the closet. Unlike other social media platforms, there is only a marginal access wall to protect your identity. In settings, you can protect your tweets and require followers to request permission to view them, but anyone can see your profile picture, header photo, and profile text.

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Instagram is owned by Facebook, which is excluded from this list due to its recently updated community guidelines , which ban all mention of sex and arousal and read as a clear attempt to eliminate kinky people — and, presumably, private groups which may cater to people with specific kinks and fetishes — from the site. Still, Instagram is home to countless queer artists, illustrators, designers, and nonprofit organizations. OnlyFans is a London-based company that manages a platform where you can upload original content images and video and charge subscribers a regular fee to view it.

fucked on bathroom floor (different video/different guy) -

To say that OnlyFans has taken the porn world by storm is an understatement. Now OnlyFans has competition.

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Fans was created by gay porn star Dominic Ford. But the internet had other plans. Adequate sex ed is sorely lacking in American education.

Queer people, for better or worse, usually teach each other. Recon is the most popular hookup site and smartphone app for queer men into leather, rubber, bondage, and various kinks. You have the option of displaying how dominant or submissive you are by percentage.

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When Rentboy was raided by the feds in August of , it was a devastating blow to queer male sex workers. Many consider this event the trigger of our current sex panic — the first time we realized battle lines were drawn over the fight to decriminalize sex work prostitution is illegal in all 50 states except parts of Nevada. In every major city, there were protests led by queer men who depended on the site to survive. When I covered the West Hollywood protests, I excluded the fact that I, too, lost the site as a source of income. Almost immediately, questions of corruption were raised, as there were many dubious and blatantly antigay motives behind the seizure , and virtually every LGBTQ organization along with many media outlets, including The New York Times , vigorously condemned the raid.

After Rentboy, RentMen was left. RentMen, a similar site, is not based in the United States and is therefore out of reach of U. Which one do you like most?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

They bring queer men together — for sex, for friendship, for dating, or simply for talking. If people are finding sex on the internet, or on an app, it must be wrong, they reason, and someone must be getting exploited or trafficked — never mind the countless people who exploit themselves for their own profit, and the people like me who like getting exploited and objectified, and all the people who consensually and happily meet and play online.

And queer people, whose promiscuous sex lives still terrify them and always will, are automatic targets.

They refuse to listen to victims and the people sex workers and service providers who are put it harms way. Who cares if a bunch of fags lose their dating app? However the broad language of the bill was criticized for being inherently problematic. They would have gotten pulled from the App Store, and they exist solely as an app. It was crafted as a perfect storm of fundamentalists on left and right—like when the state mental hospitals were all shut down the s and early 80s because the left felt that people with severe mental illnesses should be cared for in nicer, community-based organizations that never materialized and the right just wanted to stop paying for mental health services.

The law still protects private pictures… so… unlock 4 unlock?