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Some time later, it is revealed that the group went their separate ways due to their several losses.

Wiccan (comics)

Billy and Teddy are living together with Billy's parents. Billy discovers though that Teddy has broken their promise to give up being superheroes by fighting crime at night. After getting into an argument, Billy tries to make it up to Teddy by shuffling through different realities to find one identical to theirs at the moment before Teddy's mother died. Billy finds this moment and brings Teddy's mother back to life. However, the Mother soon displays strange abilities and attempts to kill Billy and Teddy, with somehow Billy's parents not noticing.

After escaping her, they run into Loki , who due to recent events, is a child again. He tells them that the Mother is not actually Teddy's mom, but a parasite from the multiverse who takes the guise of whatever travelers are looking for. Due to its strange abilities, adults are oblivious to whatever happens around the Mother, and any parents around them become part of her personal army save for Scarlet Witch, who is able to resist, but still remains oblivious to what is going on, as with the rest of the Avengers.

The three soon reunite with Kate, who has been having one night stands with Noh-Varr, while joined by America Chavez, a god from another universe with super-strength and the ability to kick holes in reality. Discovering that any parents around the group fall prey to Mother's spell, the group uses Noh-Varr's ship to leave Earth, while Loki will train Billy in magic to hopefully reverse what he has done. On their travels, Loki talks to Teddy about Billy's powers, saying that it's highly unlikely that some attractive alien prince would just happen to find Billy, happen to be gay, and happen to fall in love with him.

Teddy begins to wonder if he was indeed created by Billy to fill a hole in his life. Soon they are summoned back to Earth by former X-Men member David Alleyne , who has been working a temp job with Tommy. According to him, a mysterious figure wearing Patriot's old outfit kidnapped Tommy, and he requires their help to find him. Apparently, Tommy was brought to another reality, and America uses her powers to let them travel between worlds. The group hop from universe to universe for a while, eventually finding a universe of adorable creatures worshipping Billy as a god named 'the demiurge'.

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Loki and America have been trying to hide this from Billy for a while, but they reveal that one day he shall become an entity known as the demiurge, and during his time as this being, will change the laws of magic in every universe and every time period, past, present, and future. However, the group is soon ambushed by Mother while in between universes, and they become separated. When reuniting, Teddy tells Billy and what he and Loki discussed, and the two break up while on Earth.

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Teddy takes a break from the group, soon finding a support group for those wronged by the Young Avengers, apparently led by Mother. Mother kidnaps Teddy, and the Young Avengers prepare to save him. Loki develops a plan to have Billy access a fraction of the demiurge's power, which should be enough to kill Mother. Thinking they will be outnumbered by the armies Mother has been amassing made up of other-universe versions of the group and the parents she has brainwashed, David calls every super-powered hero under the age of 23 to help them fight, while all the world's older heroes and villains remain unaware that any of this is happening.

Loki, however, tells Billy that Loki can only help if he is at full power, and Billy uses a spell to restore Loki to a young adult, though a handsome adult influenced by his time with the group. Loki and Billy prepare to give Billy near-unlimited power while the battle in central park begins between Mother's army and the world's teenage and young adult heroes. Teddy tells him it is okay, and the two kiss, this being the spark Billy needed to access the demiurge.

Billy uses his moment of power to successfully kill Mother, getting rid of her spell and any trace of her through the multiverse. Billy reunites with his parents, introducing them to the group, though Loki has vanished. Later, a party is being held at a club by a mysterious benefactor, which the group and all the heroes who fought in the battle attend. Here, Billy and Teddy are shown to be once again in a happy relationship. The Young Avengers soon get ready to leave, save for Loki, who was watching from a distance, and was the benefactor for the party.

The group leaves, as Loki reminisces while looking at a selfie they all took during their journeys together. Loki and America's prophecy comes true soon after Billy and Teddy are recruited by Sunspot to become members of the New Avengers. A group of Kree-Skull hybrids arrive on Earth, intending for Teddy to finally ascend to his position as the Emperor who will unite the two warring races.

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Unable to stop their teleportation ray, Billy goes with him to their planet whilst the rest of the team attempt a rescue. Upon reaching the planet, they discover that one of the hybrids has been taken over by a ghost wizard named Moridun. He is killed by Teddy who resolves to return and take his place as Emperor when he is ready.

Unbeknownst to the New Avengers, Moridun was not destroyed and has actually taken over Billy, who changes his codename to Demiurge. Under the control of Moridun, Billy begins acting weird, suggesting that they should kill some of the thieves they are fighting. It is only when a group of future avengers travel back in time to warn them does Teddy realise what has happened.

Despite the future avengers preparing to kill Billy, Teddy encourages him to fight and he successfully drives Moridun out of his body, averting the huge amount of death that was to be caused. As Wiccan, Billy Kaplan possesses an innate mystical ability which allows him to alter and manipulate reality at will. While patterning himself after Thor in the guise of Asgardian, Billy limited himself entirely to flight and lightning based spells. By stating an intent and focusing on the outcome, Wiccan is capable of a variety of feats, including, but not limited to tracking and locating others, illusionary disguises, tearing down force-fields, mass teleportation, concussive blasts, enchantments, astral projection, and telekinetic force beams.

Billy must be able to hear his spells for them to be successful, but some of Billy's spells can be activated without words. He has consistently been able to create force fields, teleport others, and generate lightning and force blasts with little or no effort. Wiccan was one of the many possible candidates for the title of Sorcerer Supreme, [19] [20] and has been described by the Vision as "one of the most powerful mages on the planet.

In Young Avengers vol. However, deciding that he is not ready to wield this power, he relinquishes it and reverts to his human form. Billy is revealed to become the Sorcerer Supreme in the future after Stephen. Heinberg stated on the situation in a transcript with fans, "According to Billy's theory, the souls of Wanda's twins inhabited his and Tommy's bodies when they were dispersed from Mephisto.

But it's only a theory. While Kaplan believes himself and Shepherd may be Wanda Maximoff's reincarnated children, Shepherd is more skeptical about the situation. During their search for the Scarlet Witch, Wiccan is even more certain that he and Tommy are siblings. Both boys refer to one another as "brothers" and Speed claims to be the older of the two though neither knows for certain and also refer to the Scarlet Witch as "Mom" while searching for her.

In Scarlet Witch Vol.