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  1. FullService game update : August 2018
  2. 1st Audition Results!
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FullService game update : August 2018

But if she gives her the snow globe, Chloe will be disappointed, since she can't take a fragile glass dome with her on a bumpy car ride. Chloe then receives a text from her mother asking her to come home so they can make dinner together. If Max has high approval with Chloe, Chloe will invite Max back to her house for dinner and a sleepover. If Max has low approval with Chloe, Chloe will ignore her mother and go to the beach with Max.

Achievements called "Achieves" are unlocked by making certain choices along the way. Their design is inspired by the in-game achievements of Life is Strange. Special thanks to cthulhulegobrick5ever for their work in collating this list of achievements. Choose to watch Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within with Chloe.

Choose the location for the photo with Chloe. When searching for the box, say you don't want to search for it without her. Get Chloe's true ending. Absolute factors are unclear, but it helps to be incredibly favorable towards Chloe in every interaction with her. Get Chloe's normal ending. Absolute factors are unclear. It is possible to get this ending by ordering Chloe oatmeal, giving her a snow globe, fighting with her rather than flirting with her, and not calling Chloe stupid in the junkyard on Thursday. Get Rachel's true ending. Absolute factors are unclear, but it helps to say things that Rachel likes, allow her to be herself, and skip school at least once.

As a present, Lavender Oil is the best choice. Generally - just be Max. Get Rachel's normal ending. Also, don't tell Rachel that she can't be everyone's muse or ask her who cares about that on Thursday. When Kate questions why you let her be the subject of the contest photo, say that you didn't even think about it. Get Kate's true ending. Absolute factors are unclear, but it helps to be kind to Kate, and give her the picture book.

Get Kate's normal ending. It is possible to get this ending by insulting Kate at multiple points, giving her a toy bunny you can get the true ending despite giving her the bunny though and not telling her that you took the picture because you feel bad for her. Absolute factors are unclear, but it helps to say things that Victoria likes, show confidence, ask about her emotional state, and give her the anime figurine. It is possible to get this ending by going with Victoria's idea for a photo location, not showing confidence, giving Victoria cookies or shades, and being blunt with Victoria's feelings.

A gallery of background art featured in the game. Arranged in photo gallery order as they are unlocked. Bonus photos are supposed to unlock at achievement milestones, but Tumblr user cthulhulegobrick5ever does not believe this works as intended. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Love is Strange. Contents [ show ].

1st Audition Results!

Kate on the dormitory roof chose the location. Kate with Cheryl at the hospital let Kate choose the location. Rachel at the beach agreed to ditch school. Rachel on top of the underpass refused to ditch school.

Love is Strange | Life is Strange Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Chloe on a bus at the junkyard let Chloe choose the location. Chloe on the lighthouse cliff chose the location. Rachel and Max kiss at the lighthouse - "Falling" ending. Chloe and Max hold hands in the diner - "Wildest Dreams" ending. Kate and Max hold hands next to the Blackwell courtyard fountain - "Crosses" ending. Max sits alone on the lighthouse bench - "Sadface" ending. Punk Victoria and Taylor. Unlocked by earning 10 achievements. Juliet and Dana sharing an intimate moment. Unlocked by earning 20 achievements.

Chloe and Rachel make out next to an unconscious Max while Dana makes a peace sign. Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save. Ready for Your Close-Up? An artist meets a muse. Grueling You got oatmeal for Chloe. Of course, she hated it. Product Placement This game was brought to you by hexagon-enix. Oh captain!

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My captain! The prize we sought is won. Insatiable Right or wrong, baby, right or wrong. Nothing Gold Can Stay So dawn goes down to day. Poster of a Girl Looking on the bright side when there is no bright side. Fire Walk With Me Through the darkness of future's past. Falling Don't let yourself be hurt this time. Most of these need a little polish, of course, being first-time intros.

We're literally listening to the audition reels. Admittedly, the only VA I'm truly concerned about is Kovit. He sounds like a perfectly fine voice actor, but I was expecting someone with a slightly. Having said that, I think almost all of the kinks will be worked out with a little practice, direction and a few more takes.

Good luck to all the VA's, I know it's nerve-wracking putting yourself out there to be critiqued, but I'm so grateful we have this at all! Personally, I loved Tomoki's Japanese voice in that chibi video a few updates back. Will the Japanese voices be available to English speakers? I couldn't get through the video with this update; all the voices in it fell into the standard anime dubbing pit.

Yes, I skipped around to try and listen to the other voices, and they all sounded just like any other dub to me. People don't sound like that in real life, so why should they sound like that in animation?

I'll never understand it. If you want the English voices to sound good, tell them to be more natural. They'd never turn in a performance like that on stage, right? If they treat voice acting like stage acting, maybe they'll climb back out of the dubbing pit. I agree with most things being said though I did like Remi and Rald, they just need to fall into character more. I have the most trouble with Kovit. It just doesn't sound right to me. Yeah, I'm sure as the get into the process of refining the characters they'll get any issues smoothed out. I'm sure everyone has the ability to do so, these were just audition takes after all.

Meet Warky, Casting/Voice Acting on the Team!

And if the development team thinks these are the right people for the job then I have faith it'll all work out. As I said before, best of luck to the entire cast! And the Japanese VAs too! I think it's really exciting to have a gay dating sim with an English voice track, as there's not even a handful already out in the market.

I agree a lot with Hours Left. Sota, Thara and Kacha were all amazing, and unlike them I loved Rald as well! A little more confidence would go a long way, but honestly I'm more than satisfied with how he is now! Remi and especially Kovit left something to be desired, but I don't think either is a lost cause.

I assume that most of these guys are new to professional voice acting, and I think with some more practice could more accurately reflect the characters. I've listened to the samples a bunch of times now to let them sink in, and for the most part I think everyone is well cast.

Six Japanese Dating Sims to Fall In Love With

Sorta, Thara and Kacha all sound exactly how I imagined they would. Hisami is more laid back and has a lower voice than I pictured, but I think it works great. Tomoki has a nice even tone, which I think is suitable.