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  1. The HIV-Positive Person's Guide to Sex and Dating, Part One
  2. How I Learned to Get Over My Fear of Dating HIV-positive Men
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There are other ways of preventing unplanned pregnancy, including the contraceptive pill, implant and injection for women. Talk to your partner before you have sex so that you can share the responsibility for having safer sex. If your partner knows about HIV, it can make it easier to talk about using condoms. Photos are used for illustrative purposes. They do not imply any health status or behaviour on the part of the people in the photo.

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The HIV-Positive Person's Guide to Sex and Dating, Part One

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How I Learned to Get Over My Fear of Dating HIV-positive Men

For a period, I was transmittable. For the months before I started my medication, I could infect my partners. The doctors demanded I do many things: They told me to use condoms no matter what. The responsibility came upon me to make these choices.

I had to have the talk before sex. It was hard, but I got better at it. Those early months without meds were filled with refusal, cruelty, and hurt. Sex becomes something you can play with. The end result: We automatically bring something to the sheets that our partners have to reckon with, so if you have a bizarre fetish or fantasy you want to try, bring it on. HIV care is filled with communication tasks like this — dialogues between doctor and patient, patient and pharmacist. Are you a mountain climber? We can do that. Voracious reader?

We can do that too. Fuck yeah. Cross-country cyclist? There are incredible athletes and gym rats with HIV. A recent survey showed that the average person has 7.

Dating While HIV Positive - POZ

Gay men are masters of sex — quick and casual, passionate and intense, friendly and fraternal. It only takes one sex experience to get HIV — one slip-up, one wild night. Because the process of getting treatment and taking care of yourself after learning your status is a crash course in current healthcare. TasP is a triumph of medical science helping those living with the virus. PrEP is a triumph of medical science preventing its spread to those who are negative. Truvada is currently the only drug approved for PrEP, although other drugs are being tested for it.

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It is a once-daily pill that prevents HIV transmission, regardless if your poz sex partner is detectable or undetectable, regardless of condom use, regardless of gender. PrEP has changed the dating game. There are many gay men who are aware of their HIV-positive status and are not on medication. This past weekend in San Francisco, I met a gay man who is homeless and addicted to hard drugs. He survives through paid hookups arranged on Grindr, needle exchange programs, and selling on the street. Guys like him contribute to the spread of HIV, but to call them predatory, dangerous, and problematic is wrong and inadequate.

I was advised that was not an issue for him. When I went to give him a peck on the lips, he turned his cheek.

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I was part of a social group for several years. There was a guy close to my age I was very interested in for about eight months. Finally spent some private time after going to a diner for a bite.

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There was some sexual interest. I advised him at that point of my status. The next time I met him at a social, I asked him out for a real date. When I would go out on a date, I would not reveal my status up front. By the second date, you can tell whether you would like to see that person again. Step out and state what you have to say. Do not wait too long to reveal your status. The person will see you as being evasive, and the issue of trust may be in jeopardy rather quickly. I immediately went to my husband and BFF, Bob, and shared my test results. On the surface, he said the right things, but subtle stigma and falsehoods quickly came to his lips.

One of the first and last things that Bob told me was that we would never have sex again without condoms. He visibly shuddered when I sneezed or nicked my skin—anything that would introduce him to my body fluids. Nothing I know could have prepared me for his shame-inducing words and behaviors. He never read one [thing]. He remains uneducated to date. People made a point to let me know that how my husband made me feel was not how the rest of the world sees me.

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