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Sweden Brings Back Military Conscription

Sweden Brings back military conscription after seven years

Sweden Brings back military conscription after seven year hold amid Russia fears sweden will reintroduce military service in seven years to address global security issues, including Russian arbitrary actions in the Baltic Sea region, Stockholm said on Thursday. “We are in a situation where Russia joined Crimea,” Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist said in an interview with AFP. “We are doing more exercise around us.” In Sweden there is a professional army with volunteers deployed since 2010. Hultqvist said, “We knew our department could not voluntarily fill in. (Voluntary) A decision to supplement the system should be made, which is why we are revitalizing the conscription.” Sweden, a non-NATO member. As now Sweden Brings back military armed has not seen conflict in its territory for two centuries. It was deemed an unsatisfactory way to meet the demands of the modern army and in 2010 the draft was put on hold.

Over the past two decades, the military operational budget has been cut in order to focus more on peacekeeping operations, as mission changes and national defense has declined. But in recent years there have been concerns about Russian intentions of Russia. Experts point out that the annexation of the Crimea peninsula in Ukraine in 2014 is ringing. The new security situation is a form of Russian power politics that has been underestimated for some time,” Wilhelm Agrell, a security expert at Lund University, told AFP. Since the winter of 2014, we have seen Russia vastly and are ready to use violence for our own benefit. But in the Baltic region, “Today, Sweden has no possibility or political will to avoid conflicts in the Baltic region.” In June 2015, the American think tank Cepa published a report claiming that Russia trained with 33,000 troops for the purpose of invading the island of Gotland in the Baltic islands. Just three months ago, the Swedish government decided to rebuild Göttle, the last barracks retired in 2005.

About 150 men have been stationed since last September.

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In October 2014, when Russia began massively successful hunting of foreign submarines suspected of Russia in the Stockholm archipelago for eight days, the fear of Russia was brought to the fore. Sweden Brings back military introduced its first mandatory military service in 1901, but in 2010 it stopped military service and replaced it with a volunteer group. But his military career was not very attractive to the Swedish people who had never stepped into the barracks. Thursday The decision by the Social Democratic – led government means all Swedish men and women who will be drafted from 1 July 1999 to 1 July 1999.

The mandatory military service that will last for 11 months commences on January 1, 2018. As of July 1, all Swedish people born after 1999 will contact you and respond to the questionnaire. Depending on the answer, 13,000 people will be mobilizing. Since January 1, 2018, 4,000 people will receive calls each year. The first draft applies to women. “It is very important to stress that military service is for girls and boys,” Hultqvist said. “It is important for the military to have the same outlook on sex,” he added.

The resumption of the draft is supported by both the government and opposition parties to the right. In 2015, we already agreed to increase military spending by paying an additional € 1.1 billion ($ 1.18 billion) in 2016-2020. In defense, Sweden has had close conversations with neighboring Finland. Finland in turn shares 1,340 kilometers (800 miles) of border with Russia.

Sweden and Finland – The only non-regulated countries in the Nordic and Baltic regions have recently strengthened military cooperation with the United States. Russian military activities in the region increased. This includes a number of airspace violations and non-transponder flight planes that identify the battlefield. Russia has repeatedly warned that Sweden and Finland are joining NATO, a regularly discussed issue in both countries.

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