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No immunity for PM under Article 66

No immunity for PM

No immunity for PM under Article 66 PTI tells SC Islamabad: In a written reply to the Supreme Court, which concluded a Panama newspaper hearing on Thursday, chief aide Neeem Bokhari said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, in accordance with Article 66 of the Constitution, I asserted that I can …

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Govt Allows Export of Sikh Holy Water

Govt allows export of Sikh holy water

Govt allows export of Sikh holy water Wells in one of the most sacred places of the Sikh religion, believed to be the origin of religion, were functionally created and the government allowed the holy water of the wells to be exported. This spring is like Aab-i-Zamzam gives to Muslims. …

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Iraqi Forces Enter Western Mosul Launch Air

Iraqi forces enter western

Iraqi forces enter western mosul launch air strikes in Syria US troops in Iraq withdrew from the city of an Islamic state stationed in Iraq and then joined Mosul on Friday. Relief groups have warned that the most dangerous time of attack will begin with hundreds of thousands of civilians. …

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Iran Complying With Nuclear Deal

Iran complying with nuclear

Iran complying with nuclear deal says UN watchdog Iran complying with nuclear deal, says UN watchdogIran has a breakthrough nuclear deal with major world powers in 2015, AFP reported. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has addressed major limitations under this convention, which has been under intense scrutiny since the election …

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