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Iraqi Forces Enter Western Mosul Launch Air

Iraqi forces enter western mosul launch air strikes in Syria

US troops in Iraq withdrew from the city of an Islamic state stationed in Iraq and then joined Mosul on Friday. Relief groups have warned that the most dangerous time of attack will begin with hundreds of thousands of civilians. Army disarmed the booby traps planted by retreating militants from the airport, which plans to use Islamic nations in the western region of Mosul as a basis for decisive blows to the group. Iraqi fighters dropped bombs at IS locations in Syria. This is the first time the Iraqi government has publicly acknowledged the militant goal of Syria.

The new attack came after the government and its allies ended their withdrawal from eastern Mosul last month and restricted the resistance to the western part of the city divided by the Tigris River. Commanders expect battle in the western part of Mosul to be more difficult. One reason is that tanks and armored vehicles can not pass through the narrow alleys across the ancient earth. International Rescue Commission said the battle will begin at the most dangerous stage for the estimated 750,000 civilians trapped in Mosul.

There is a real danger that the fight will be intense for weeks or months,” said acting director Jason Kajer.

The United Nations has warned that there are 400,000 civilians who can overthrow in a new offensive in the food and fuel scarcity. Iraqi army has launched attacks on several fronts. Terrorist counterterrorism forces clashed with the IS in the southwestern region of Al Mamoun and completely took control of the Ghozlani military base on Friday. Senior commander Sami al Aridi said. Separately, the Hei Al-Josaq and Al-Danadan regions, known as the federal police and the elite Rapid Response, attacked the bat and trench in the northern IS, He said.

Air raid initial air raids in the western part of the city have so far been restricted to densely populated areas. The government encouraged civilians to stay at home, but some fell into gunfire. Jamal Abdelnasser, 14, was shot on the bridge when the armed forces stormed the house and took the position of sniper. After crossing the wire, the soldiers wrapped the bandage around the bridge and poured iodine onto the bullet. In another incident, a correspondent saw civilians fleeing into a suburban Iraqi security force. Mosul’s defeat is likely to hammer the IS’s independent caliph on the seized area in 2014. But the group is still able to resist guerrilla-style resistance by controlling excommunication to Syria’s neighbors and northern and western Iraqi regions. Iraq is planning an attack on the West.

On the grounds of Mosul, Western torture is getting closer to the front line as the battle progresses, coordinating air strikes and providing advice to the Iraqi army. Campaign will involve 100,000 Iraqi army, Shia militia and Sunni tribal combatants. It is supported by the United Nations, which provides essential aviation support and onsite guidance and training.

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