What are the benefits of Hemp Oil?

We call hemp oil to a full spectrum oil that comes either from the Cannabis sativa plant or the hemp seed oil that comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. Many people ask about the cons of hemp oil. Well, a very little risk is there for intoxication. The risk is very low because the oil comes from food grain strains of hemp. However, it also 0.3% THC. THC is the same component that makes Marijuana “high”.

What is cannabidiol OIL?

Many people think that cannabidiol (CBD) oil is the same as hemp oil. However, there is a big difference. For CBD oil, we take the stalks, leaves, and flowers the hemp plants. It is also very beneficial oil but differs from hemp oil in the sense that hemp is a seed oil that only comes from the seeds of Cannabis sativa plant. Although the level of the compound between seeds and other plant parts is different, the seed oil is still rich in nutrients, fatty acids, and other useful compounds.

There are many health benefits of hemp oil. Some of them are as follows:

Skin Benefits

Since this oil contains very high nutrition, it may be very beneficial for the skin. To retain the health of the skin and prevent it from breakouts, the vitamins and fatty acids from hemp oil prove helpful. Since they are very rich in healthy oils and fatty acids, as indicated by research conducted in 2014, they prove to contain very good benefits for the skin. Hemp seed oil protects the skin from inflammation, oxidation and stops other things that cause aging on the skin. Another study that was carried out in 2014 stated that it strengthens the skin and allows it to resist infections in a way. Related skin issues treated by hemp oil are as follows:

4.Varicose eczema
5.Acne rosacea

Researchers claim that the high amount of fats in the hemp oil is the main reason for all its benefits for the skin.

Brain Health

There are no recent studies that may be used to insist on something 100% confirm. We have studies that are either old or are conducted on animals rather than humans. However, the elements that are found rich in the hemp oil have benefits for the health of the brain. A study on mice indicated that protection of the brain against inflammation is achieved through hemp seed oil but there is more research required in this field.

Heart Health

Heart Health

Another important aspect of the hemp seed oil is its benefits for heart health. Its nutrients are good for the heart. However, like brain studies, heart studies are also old enough to avoid us from making any conclusions. Old studies concluded its benefits on high BP, atherosclerosis and cholesterol levels.

Benefits of full Spectrum Hemo Oil

Hemp oil is taken from the seeds of the hemp plant while CBD is taken from its other parts. However, if CBD is added in the small amount in hemp oil, then we get a full spectrum hemp oil that provided additional health benefits. Some of them are:

Pain relief: If you have inflammation pain, then hemp or CBD oil may prove very helpful. It acts as natural pain relief in this case and will help to relieve pain. There are a lot of people who want to avoid medicines of any kind, and they use it for taking relief from pain. A review that was taken in 2018 indicated that CBD makes full-spectrum hemp oil very helpful in treating different types of pain. However, just like previous, most research on this topic is either outdated or is conducted on mice and needs human verification before we can conclude solid results from it.

Acne: Balancing of the skin is achieved by the fatty acids, that are present in large quantities in hemp oil, and it prevents inflammations that cause acne. Adding of CBD may enhance its benefits for acne relief. Another study came out with conclusions that hemp oil reduced the production of sebum and results in the prevention of acne breakouts.

Muscle tension: Hemp oil has also shown great results when used to treat general stress and tensions in the muscles. CBD causes an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. It helps to relieve the different types of tensions that may be the result of stress or because of the pain after exercise. If your muscles are tight from tension, then rubbing a small amount of hemp oil will release tension and make them relax.

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