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Sweden Brings Back Military Conscription

Sweden Brings back military

Sweden Brings back military conscription after seven years Sweden Brings back military conscription after seven year hold amid Russia fears sweden will reintroduce military service in seven years to address global security issues, including Russian arbitrary actions in the Baltic Sea region, Stockholm said on Thursday. “We are in a …

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China Ramps Up Naval Abilities Wary of Trump

ramps up naval abilities

China ramps up naval abilities Wary of Trump unpredictability The PLA Navy is likely to secure significant funding for China’s upcoming defense budget to help Beijing seize control of the high seas and strengthen global power. Chinese navy has played a surging role in recent months. The Taiwan Navy is …

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Ogra Rejects Government Request

Government request of LPG

Ogra rejects Government request of LPG cylinder price at rupies 1,100 Islamabad, the oil and gas regulator (Ogra), on Friday rejected a government request to set a price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) at 1,100 rupees per domestic cylinder and announced a 17 cents lower Rs 910 price. Regulator also …

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Trump Admin Bars Some News Media Outlets

Trump admin bars some news

 from White House Trump admin bars some news media outlets On Friday, the United States banned some media groups that criticized the informal briefing at the White House press secretary. Reporters from CNN, The New York Times, Polyteco, the Los Angeles Times, and BuzzFeed were not able to enter the …

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Blame for Sehwan Bombing Places it on Sindh Govt

blame for Sehwan bombing places it on Sindh govt

Nisar deflects blame for Sehwan bombing places it on Sindh govt Home Secretary Chaudhary Nisar said Saturday that the habit of criticizing other members of the government, not Lal Shahbaz Qalandar ‘s shrine, should be silenced after the federal government was criticized for lack of security. “Was it the responsibility …

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IHC Postpones Indictment of Judge Wife

IHC postpones indictment of judge wife in Tayyaba torture case On Saturday, the Islamabad High Court indicted the judge and his wife on charges of torturing a 10 – year – old girl who works as a congressman by March 25. Defendant Raja Khurram Ali Khan and his wife Maheen …

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