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Ban on Kite as Two killed Flying Defied to Celebrate

Ban on kite as two killed flying defied to celebrate Basant in Pindi

RAWALPINDI: Ban on kite as two killed flying defied to celebrate Basant in Pindi On Friday, garrison residents celebrated Basant and publicly disregarded the shooting ban in kite flying and joy. However, two people were killed in a violent demonstration, injured as they were cut with chemically coated strings or fell off the roof. Most of the victims were children on motorcycles and children transported to hospitals to support their bodies. Police, on the other hand, had a busy time to implement the ban. The Punjab government has asked to ban kites and air launches and to take action against local administrations and police for violations.

“Safdar Hussain, aged 33, took his motorcycle home when he cut his neck at Road 6. Rescue crew 1122 moved his body to the headquarters,” rescue spokesman Farooq Butt said. Mohammad Usman, a 17-year-old boy, added a stray kite at Misrial Road and lost his life after being electrocuted. Twelve patients were transferred to the DHQ hospital with minor injuries after they hit the strap or fell off the building.

Many people were injured after being cut by string or following a stray kite. However, the wounded were discharged after treatment, “said Mohammad Ashraf, vice superintendent of the hospital. Obidura (27) and Mehnish Ahmed (18) cut the body after he was cut off by a string while riding a motorcycle.

Doctors at Benazir Bhutto Hospital said they were vigilant to deal with unjust cases.

Those who attempted to catch a large number of kite flying kites and stray kites during the celebration were deeply hurt, but did not visit government hospitals and preferred private medical centers. When I lost my strap near Jhanda Chichi in front of Saddar Baironi police officer, I went home on a motorcycle to Saddar’s Chaklala Scheme-III, I was wearing a helmet and I was not hurt,” Mohammad Yassir (32 ) Said.

“It ‘s dangerous to go out when the stray line cuts your neck,” said Asghar Warraich, an official at Otto Harten. He insisted that the government should completely ban kite flying, and the police insisted that the kite and string shops be blocked. Despite police raids and arrests, Suhail Ahmed of Sadqabad said that people are publicly buying kites and prefectures in the market.

He said Thursday night music and loud noises of gunshots had interfered with his local residents.

Shujaat Haider, a resident of Sarafa Bazaar, said shopkeepers do not sell kites and strings publicly. He said chemically coated strings are less expensive and can range from Rs100 to Rs300, Rs20 to Rs400. Kite flying itself is not harmful, but the use of chemical / metal straps and air launch are dangerous,” the administration and the police said.

Abdullah Malik, a resident of Usmanpura, said the police were unable to prevent residents from selling chemical-coated strings without fire in the air. “The police should take action against the manufacturers and suppliers of Yeongeon and Hyun,” he said. Israr Abbasi, a CPO, said, “During the ensuing repression period, over 200 kite flyers and sellers were arrested and seized more than 20,000 kites in different areas.

He said the police team continued to crack down on kite sellers and fliers across the city. Banni, Sadiqabad, Waris Khan, Chowk Commission, Glass Factory, Dhoke Elahi Bux, Kohati Bazaar, Raja Bazaar, Bhabra Bazaar, Purana Qila, Ganjmandi, Gawalmandi, Saddar and Kashmir Road. Mohanpura, City Saddar Road, Arya Mohala, Commercial Road, 6th Road, 7th Road, Dhoke Khabba, Amarpura, Chah Sultan, Shakrial, Kuri Road, Islamic City, Trolley Adda, Khana, Dhoke Kala Khan, Double Road, Faizabad, IJ Rive Colony, Westridge, Naseerabad, Misrial Road, Chakra, Peshawar Road, Adiala Road, Morgah, Tulsa, Dheri Hassanabad and Lalazar.

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